Naikan Reflection on Moving into a New House

In this example, a man reflects on his relocation to a new home, an experience which he found very stressful.

What did I Receive?

  1. My friend Rick came and helped load the truck and then unloaded it. (About 9 hours)
  2. Also my friend Dave also helped load and unload the truck (about 9 hours)
  3. Also a guy named Elton who my wife knew from work helped load and unload the truck and then came back the next day to help finish the job.(about 12 hours)
  4. Elton built a ramp up to the deck so it would be easier to unload things
  5. The service station reserved the biggest U-haul available for me and provided a dolly and pads and gasoline and instruction on driving the truck
  6. When the truck wouldn’t start the second day the U-Haul company arranged for a service person to come and jump the battery
  7. Rick helped figure out the best way to get the piano out of the house and into the truck
  8. All the drivers stayed on their side of the road while I was driving to the new house
  9. My friends Jane and Bill stopped by for a day at the end of their vacation and helped us pack boxes even though they were moving to California and needed to return to New York to do their own packing
  10. Our landlady was very flexible and allowed us to keep some things in the garage after the date by which we were to vacate the house
  11. There was good weather on the day we moved
  12. I received the use of gloves when I was loading the truck
  13. I was able to drive the truck because my dad taught me how to drive a stick shift and later arranged for me to get a job working for his company driving a delivery truck
  14. My eyeglasses allowed me to see more clearly
  15. My watch allowed me to keep track of the time
  16. My wife did a lot of packing and made lunch for everybody on the day of the move
  17. Several rocks helped provide the truck with stability so it wouldn’t slide backwards when it was parked
  18. Someone paved most of the roads I drove on to get to the new house
  19. Stacy, the former owner, let me bring over some boxes the day before the move to get a headstart on our relocation
  20. My employer paid the cost of the rental truck
  21. Barbara helped pack up my computer
  22. My wife picked up Chinese food for dinner
  23. I received some empty boxes from the local supermarket
  24. Our old Subaru transported some of the more fragile items to the new house
  25. Blankets and pads protected the piano from getting damaged
  26. Our landlady returned our security deposit

What did I give?

  1. I gave Ed some money (about $75)
  2. I gave Dana some money (about $45)
  3. I paid for lunch/dinner for Ed and Dana (dinner)
  4. I put gas in the truck
  5. I left the former house relatively clean and in good shape (thanks to my wife)

What troubles and difficulties did I cause?

  1. When I was driving the truck I got stuck at the top of a hill and the cars behind me had to try to get around me. It was getting dark and they couldn’t see over the hill so it was a very dangerous situation. Many of the drivers were delayed and may have been aggravated or even worried about trying to pass me
  2. Rick got out of his car to direct traffic which put his own safety at risk
  3. We hadn’t finished packing so the whole move took longer than it should have since we had to pack and load the truck at the same time
  4. Lifting all the boxes caused a lot of sore and tired muscles
  5. I left quite a bit of stuff in my ex-landlady’s garage for many weeks and it created extra difficulty as they were trying to vacate the house for the new owners
  6. My tools got mixed in with tools that were in the rented house and I believe I may have taken tools that weren’t mine
  7. Rick was here later than expected. His dad was coming from out of town for a visit. He was late getting home and missed dinner. It turned out that his father died a few weeks later and that was the last time he got to see his father
  8. My dog was surely confused and didn’t understand what was going on
  9. I put a lot of wear and tear on the truck, its engine and its tires
  10. I created a lot of confusion because I wasn’t sure how to get the piano into the truck
  11. One of the men helping smashed his hand while setting down a large cabinet

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