A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness

By Gregg Krech   

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness offers a unique and empowering message for anyone who is interested in living well.  This powerful little book addresses three important themes that help us not only cope with the ups and downs of life, but thrive through purpose-centered living.


This is a skills-based paradigm based on the skills that are essential for good mental health. We don’t usually think of mental health as requiring skill, but this text identifies three specific skills that can be learned and practiced over time as we make our way through life -- coexisting with unpleasant feelings, paying attention to the world around us and cultivating the practice of self-reflection.


This paradigm also examines the body’s influence on the mind and the role of purpose, both of which play a significant role in our overall mental health.  And finally, ten common assumptions about mental health are questioned, giving readers an opportunity to think freshly about the presence of such assumptions in their own lives.  The entire framework of this book is empowering by helping us to recognize that which we can control and providing encouragement to develop, with practice and attention, a natural approach to mental wellness.



Introduction 2

Essential Skills for Mental Wellness

Skill #1: Coexisting with Unpleasant Feelings
The Strength of Non-resistance
What about thoughts?
The Uncertain Future
Expressing Feelings
Acceptance and Action

Ocho: Overcoming by Going Around
Practice Exercises


The Dinner Party (A Fable)

Skill #2: Acceptance

Skill #3: Paying Attention
I am not the Enemy
Past, Present & Future
Attention Naturally Drifts

Practice Exercises


Misdirected Attention

The Costs of Misdirected Attention

Skill #4: Self-reflection
Noticing the Support I am Receiving
Noticing the Impact I have on the World
A Method of Self-reflection
Sample of Naikan

Practice Exercises


"Obstacles Along the Way" (a Fable)

Exercise and Diet
Moving Bodies

Moving Out of the Blues
What Kind of Exercise is Best?

How Long and How Often?

Food and Your Mind

What We Put Into the Body Influences the Mind

Depression as a Response to Circumstances

Nutrition and Depression
Practice Exercises


Living on Purpose
Common Obstacles to Purposeful Living

Practice Exercises


Questioning Assumptions about Mental Health
Ten Myths of Mental Health

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"Here is one of the most fundamental distinctions in the field of mental health -- the contrast between outward attention to the world and attention focused on ourselves.  This distinction is a watershed between good and poor mental health, between a healthy, flowing mind and a suffering, self-absorbed one. '" -- Gregg Krech

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