Gratitude, Grace and a Month of Self-Reflection

A distance learning program

February 20 - March 20, 2016

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“Our feelings are not under our control, so we cannot feel grateful by simply commanding it. Besides, it is not wise to wait for a time of grief or crisis before one starts the process of practicing gratitude. In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” -- Brother David Steindl-Rast

You are invited to join us for our annual Gratitude, Grace an a Month of Self-Reflection program sponsored by the ToDo Institute. This is a distance learning program which gives you an opportunity to integrate the practice of self-reflection into your daily life. The program is based primarily on Naikan and Naikan-related exercises, but also draws on material and ideas of Albert Schweitzer, Ben Franklin, and others whose work emphasized the importance of quiet self-reflection. Many of us believe that it is important to take time for quiet reflection, but we don’t do it because our lives are so busy. This program requires an average commitment of about 30 minutes per day, yet even such a limited amount of time can have a profound impact on our attitude, relationships and understanding of our life.

This program is designed as a practice program. You’ll receive a model program with daily assignments/exercises, written support materials, and a faculty advisor who you can contact during the month for feedback, consultation or questions.

Participants in this year’s program will receive a free copy of the new book: Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection by Gregg Krech (Stonebridge Press, 2001). Spirituality & Health Magazine recently gave the Naikan book an award for Best Spirituality Books of 2002.

“One thing that stirs me when I look back at my youthful days is the fact that so many people gave me something or were something to me without knowing it. Such people with whom I have, perhaps, never exchanged a word, yes, and others about whom I have merely heard things by report, have had a decisive influence upon me; they entered into my life and became powers within me.... Hence I always think that we all live, spiritually, by what others have given us in the significant hours of our life.” -- Albert Schweitzer

You have the option of participating in a special Internet discussion list which is open only to class participants and allows you to share your experiences, ideas and comments related to the theme of self-reflection. This discussion allows participants from around the world to get to know each other a bit, while simultaneously working through the month of self-reflection exercises. We schedule this program once a year in November because it is the time for Thanksgiving - what better time to reflect on our lives and give thanks for all that we have received. It’s a wonderful way to begin the Holiday season.

We now have several sample Naikan reports available for viewing on our Web site. These are Naikan reports from people who have done Naikan, although the names have been changed.

Early Registration Discount.  Just register at least 15 days before the start of the program to receive a $10 discount.  ($83 for non-members; $68 for members).   

(Canada and overseas participants have additional shipping cost.)

Alumni Discount.  If you have participated in this program in the past, you can receive a 50% alumni discount.

Credit toward certification.  This program provides 16 credits toward Certification in Japanese Psychology.  Those seeking credit need to submit a completed journal and a 1-2 page essay summarizing their experience in the program within 30 days of the program's completion.  Further information about the ToDo Institute's certification process can be found here.

If you'd like more information about what we do, please take a tour of our homepage and browse through our library and bookstore.  Thank you.

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Distance Learning Programs

Our distance learning programs are practice programs. The emphasis is on doing exercises and assignments and learning from your own experience. You should be prepared to devote an average of 30 minutes per day to the exercises and assignments. As part of a larger learning community, your training not only benefits you but also supports others who are making a similar effort.

The tuition cost is $78 per program for members and $93 for non-members; the cost for a couple registering together is $20 more. Tuition includes written materials and/or audio tape, calendar of assignments for the entire month, participation on the private mailing list for the course, shipping costs* and access to a program advisor throughout the month. There is an additional discount of $30 if you register for at least three programs in this series. Additional discounts are available for alumni (please call). If you would like more information about these programs please contact us at (802) 453-4440 or by e-mail You may also register on-line.

*internaltional paritcipants incur shipping cost to mail program materials.

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Who Are We?

The ToDo Institute is a non-profit educational center located nestled in the foothills of the Green mountains in central Vermont. We serve as a meeting place between east and west, where methods of Japanese Psychology blend with western culture to provide powerful tools for enhancing our lives. The applications of our work bridge the gap between the spiritual, the psychological and the practical. Facilitators for this distance learning program include Linda Anderson Krech, MSW and co-author of A Finger Pointing to the Moon: A Workbook for Establishing Direction and Focus in Daily Life.

If you’d like more information about what we do, you can take a tour at our homepage and browse through our library. Thank you.