Renewing Your Relationship

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There is one question that is central to developing strong and loving relationships.

It's a simple question.

An unusual question.

A life-changing, love-changing question.

The question is:

"What am I paying attention to"

Most of us are so caught up by what we notice that we are oblivious to how we notice. But this simple question has profound implications for our relationships. It is something we need to know about, if we are interested in cultivating love.

Join us as we explore this

and other critically important relationship issues in:

Renewing your Relationship

a 30 day distance learning program

February 27 - March 28, 2015

Without awareness of this issue, we are at the mercy of our habits of attention. We mistake our distorted perceptions for truth -- the whole truth -- when, in fact, they're just part of the story. And that does not bode well for love.

In fact, it is a recipe for disappointment, resentment, and conflict.

We can learn to do better.

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Andrea and Jon were at their wit's end. Over the course of their eight-year marriage, they had "fallen out of love". Although they had both expected to spend their entire lives together, their love had eroded over time, as each one focused on the limitations, shortcomings and mistakes of the other. They were both tired of conflict, worn down by resentment, and ready to call it quits.

Three months later, Andrea and Jon celebrated their "new marriage" by taking a special vacation together, during which they began making long-range plans. How did they make this transition?

They each focused on becoming the best partner they could be, using principles and practices that support love – the same principles and practices that inform this distance learning program. 

They learned to notice what they received from each other and what they gave.  They reflected on the impact they were having on each other.  They developed a view of their current marriage and a vision of their ideal and they began, day by day, to  bring that vision to life. 

Register Today for a Month-Long Exploration of Love
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Linda Anderson Krech, LICSW, will be conducting the program. Linda has more than 20 years of experience teaching Japanese Psychology and is the author of numerous articles on family, parenting and relationships. She has been married to Gregg Krech for over 20 years and is well-versed in both the blessings and the challenges of love.
The cost of this month-long program is about the price of one counseling session --
$78 for members; $93 for non-members.

Benefits of the program include:

The Renewing your Relationship program provides 16 credits
toward Certification in Japanese Psychology.

Here are some defining characteristics of Renewing your Relationship:

The program is experientialDuring the course of the month, you will have 30 opportunities to explore new ways of being in relationship with your partner.  Tweaking your behavior, sometimes even in subtle ways, can bring about significant changes in the experience of both you and your partner. Lofty concepts won’t mean much unless they are translated into practices you can take into your life and your relationship.  You may decide to make a lifelong habit of those exercises that hit home for you.

The program is educational.   In addition to learning about the principles and practices of Japanese Psychology, as they relate to love, you will also learn about the perspectives of experts such as William Doherty, John Gottman, Michelle Weiner-Davis, C.S. Lewis, the Harvard Negotiation Project, and many others.

The program is psychologicalInformed by Eastern Psychology, this program offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional western mental health paradigm.  The psychological perspective offered provides insightful answers to many of the psychological issues that arise during intimate relationships.

And the program can offer spiritual benefits as wellThose who are spiritually oriented may be drawn to the practice of Naikan which reveals the interdependent web of life that supports our lives and our relationships.

We know what it takes for relationships to thrive
and we know how to avoid the most common pitfalls

Here’s How the Program Works:

Every morning you will receive an email with that day’s exercise.  This is the heart of the program.  If you do nothing else, please do the daily exercise.  We estimate that it will take an average of 30 minutes to complete each, although that can vary.  Clearly, as is usually the case, you will get out what you put in.

(If you will be seeking credit toward certification, please document your reflections each day, so that you can submit a complete record of your experience at the end of the month.)

As time permits, please read and listen to the resources provided.  They are thought-provoking, and will help to inform some of our discussions throughout the month.

You can work in a very private and personal way, if you prefer.   In fact, your partner does not need to participate with you, or even know you are doing the program.  You can keep your own private journal as you make your way through the month, documenting your experience and recording your reflections for your own eyes only.

Or you can also participate in the program as a community member.   Many people value the support and camaraderie of our online community discussion, where participants and instructors share their experience, questions, and wisdom with each other.  Throughout the month, a strong and meaningful bond can develop amongst group members.  

Distance Learning Programs

Our distance learning programs are practice programs. The emphasis is on doing exercises and assignments and learning from your own experience. You should be prepared to devote an average of 30 minutes per day to the exercises and assignments. As part of a larger learning community, your training not only benefits you but also supports others who are making a similar effort.

The tuition cost is $78 per program for members and $93 for non-members.  The cost for a couple registering together is only $20 more than a single. Tuition includes written materials and/or audio tape, calendar of assignments for the entire month, and inclusion in an online discussion.

Credit toward certification.  This program provides 16 credits toward Certification in Japanese Psychology.  Those seeking credit need to submit a completed journal and a 1-2 page essay summarizing their experience in the program within 30 days of the program's completion.  Further information about the ToDo Institute's certification process can be found here.  

If you would like more information about these programs please contact us at (802) 453-4440 or by e-mail  Or you can register online.

Who Are We?

The ToDo Institute is a non-profit educational center located nestled in the foothills of the Green mountains in central Vermont. We serve as a meeting place between east and west, where methods of Japanese Psychology blend with western culture to provide powerful tools for enhancing our lives. The applications of our work bridge the gap between the spiritual, the psychological and the practical.

If you’d like more information about what we do, you can take a tour at our homepage and browse through our library or blog.

Thank you.
With best wishes,

Linda Anderson Krech, LICSW

Program Director
ToDo Institute

This is more than just a course. 
It is an empowering and transformational lifeway.


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