A Daily Naikan Reflection

This is an example of Daily Naikan, which is performed at the end of the day for 20 to 30 minutes. As with all Naikan reflection, observations should be made as specific as possible.

What did I receive today?

  1. My father bought a newspaper which I read
  2. My wife made me a fruit salad for breakfast
  3. The post office staff sorted my mail and put it in my P.O. box
  4. A toothbrush and toothpaste for brushing my teeth
  5. I wore a sweater which was a gift from my brother last Christmas
  6. The car took me to town and the airport safely
  7. The use of a pair of boots which were a gift from Marilyn several years ago
  8. My wife washed the dinner dishes
  9. Eyeglasses allowed me to see more clearly
  10. Lines on the highway helped me (and others) to stay in the proper lanes and avoid accidents
  11. My father made me a cup of coffee
  12. My watch (an earlier gift from my wife) told me the time many times during the day
  13. Use of a meditation cushion originally made by Mrs. Takemoto
  14. Heat from oil and the furnace
  15. Fragrance and light from a candle ( a gift from Mike)
  16. Use of the telephone lines and telephone service from the telephone company
  17. Terri prepared a bulk mailing
  18. A deposit receipt from the bank
  19. A parking space in front of the municipal building
  20. A towel, soap, water and a shower for showering
  21. My wife made the bed in the morning
  22. A pair of socks kept my feet warm during the day
  23. An axe to help me chop wood
  24. Use of a toilet for disposing of personal waste products
  25. A brush for brushing my hair
  26. Electricity provided me with light so I could work and read
  27. Chili, water and a muffin from the staff at a local restaurant

What did I give today?

  1. I walked and fed my dog
  2. I drove my dad to the airport
  3. I watered two house plants
  4. I massaged my wife’s shoulders
  5. I gave $1.50 to the parking lot attendant
  6. I gave some fresh fruit to my wife to take to work
  7. I opened the door at the restaurant for a woman
  8. I took gifts to the post office for mailing to others
  9. I fed the birds
  10. I cleaned the bathroom
  11. I made Terri a cup of tea

What troubles did I cause others today?

  1. Two people called while I was out and had to talk to the answering machine
  2. I made a comment to my dad about the weather and airplanes which caused him some anxiety
  3. I talked about someone in a way which was disrespectful
  4. I put wear and tire on the car and tires by driving over 100 miles (also on the roads)
  5. I had several letters and two phone calls that remained unanswered
  6. I frightened a red squirrel on the driveway when I was driving
  7. I continued to look at the newspaper while my father was talking to me
  8. While I tried to find the correct change at the airport parking lot, I kept several cars behind me waiting
  9. I wasted about 1/8 cup of coffee
  10. I displaced a community of ants by chopping a section of wood in which they had been living
  11. I forgot to turn the heat down when leaving the house and wasted fuel
  12. On two occasions I didn’t turn my brights (headlights) down when an oncoming car was approaching
  13. I criticized my wife about a purchase she made at the store

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